Sex With A Stranger

I take a deep breath and take a final look in the mirror; I'm really going to do this, I'm going to have sex with a stranger.

As I walk through the hotel and towards his room, I'm sure that everyone knows why I'm here, but in truth, everyone is too wrapped up in their own life to be wondering who I am and why I'm here.

I keep walking and I focus on the crotchless pearl knickers that are rubbing gently against me. The desires of my body are taking over from the noise in my mind and soon I'm stood outside his door.

I can feel my heart pounding; before I make a run for it and devise some sort or excuse, I knock on the hotel door. He opens the door and as I see him standing there, I know I won’t be going anywhere. He has me.

We stand there looking at each other, making sure we both want to take this further. The unspoken and implied permission needed for what’s to come.

As he towers above me, I can feel myself surrendering to his masculine presence. His eyes are taking me in and I’m hooked, I want to feel his mouth on mine, his hands on my body and I definitely want him.

He presses himself against me, tugging at my hair. I am under his spell and under his control, whatever he asks of me, I know I’ll be willing to give it.

As he gently pushes me onto the bed, I can’t take my eyes off him, his gaze is captivating. I feel so seen, so desired, so vulnerable. For today, I am his prey and I’m not even trying to run away.

His kiss and touch is tender and soft, he knows we have time. There is a chemistry and energy between us that I've not felt in a long time; it's so delicious and intoxicating.

I can feel his kiss intensify, his tongue seeking out mine, exploring, probing and wanting more from me. He makes light work of my clothes and before I know it I’m lying there naked, exposed, excited and definitely ready for more.

I need to see his body and feel his naked flesh against mine, so all nerves abandoned, just like my clothes that now lie on the hotel floor, I greedily grab at his. As I slip his shirt from his body, I can’t help but caress the shape of his shoulders, neck and back. He's truly a work of art and my hands can’t get enough.

I push him gently onto the bed so that I can take in every part of him. I have full access to his mouth and his kiss is electrifying, deep, intense and passionate. I can feel my nipples throbbing, desperate to feel his mouth around them. I move my breasts towards his mouth and he hungrily grabs at me, sucking, licking, nibbling. Everything he does is making me want him more.

I pull away before I reach a point of no return and trace my fingers down the front of his body, I can see him holding his breath. A gasp, because I lightly brush over his groin and then flick my hands back to his shoulders.

I look him in the eyes as I take my hands to his belt and buttons, I’m waiting for permission. He nods and I quickly remove his jeans and boxers.

He has not disappointed me and he’s everything he promised. I can’t help but become even more excited, I’m desperate to feel him inside of me, every part of him, filling every part of me. The feeling of fullness that only the perfect match can give.

For now only my mouth will be full and he tastes so good. He can’t contain his excitement and this drives me on even more, I kiss, lick and tease. I’m careful not to push him over the edge because there’s only one place I want that beautiful cock to explode.

In a movement so swift, he has me on my back again, pushing my legs open with his amazing arms and all I can see is the top of his head nuzzling into my pussy. My god, he is good. Sucking, licking, the perfect pressure and when he moved his finger inside of me and hit my g-spot it was almost over. This pleasure was too much, I needed him to stop, but my body was encouraging him on. Pushing against him, bucking, moaning and gasping with every breath.

I needed to feel full, complete, that moment where nothing else mattered and no one else existed. He sensed that I couldn’t hold on much longer, that I needed more than his tongue and as he grabbed my buttocks and pulled me towards him, he placed my legs on his shoulders and plunged into me.

A moment of pure bliss, every nerve turned on and tuned in to him and his movements in and out of me.

Just before the waves of pleasure overcame me, he stopped and flipped me over, his hands on my hips he roughly pulled me towards him. With my firm buttocks in the air, I could feel him searching and finding that hot, wet place inside. I couldn’t help but gasp as he filled me once more, every thrust pulling at my hips.

The pressure and intensity was rising again, I could feel him getting harder, his pace more urgent. He told me to touch myself, that he couldn’t hold on much longer and I needed no encouragement.

How was it possible to not know this man, but to feel like he was everything I had been desiring and waiting for.

As my fingers found my pulsating clit, all I could think about was how full I felt, the pounding of his body against mine, the pleasure building within me. My breath quickened, he was close and this just excited me more. With a final thrust he came and it pushed me over the edge. Wave after wave of pleasure soaring through my body, I was transported somewhere else where I could only focus on the sensations and shudders in my body.

The release made me light-headed and the waves of pleasure wouldn’t stop.

He collapsed onto me and I liked feeling the weight of him against me, feeling his breathe against my neck and his strong arms around me. For now, we were done; well until round two anyway!




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