How To Have Multiple Orgasms

Many women have enough difficulty coming once, let alone twice or more, so the idea of experiencing multiple orgasms may seem completely out of reach.

However, with a combination of self-awareness, open and honest communication with your partner, and a little experimentation; achieving multiple orgasms can be a realistic goal for people.

In this article, we'll explore what is a multiple orgasm, the various factors that contribute to the potential for multiple orgasms and then we'll offer practical tips to enhance your sexual experience.

What is a multiple orgasm?

A multiple orgasm is simply put, more than one orgasm. For some people they may have a few minutes of rest between those peaks of pleasure and for others, it will feel like wave after wave of pleasure because the rest time is only a few seconds.

How many women have multiple orgasms?

It's hard to be exact here, but it's believed from various reports and studies that only 15% of women have these types of orgasm. Which means that 85% of women are missing out!

What helps women to have multiple orgasms?

This will differ from person to person, which is why communication and experimentation is so important. Some people may find that taking some time for solo exploration and play first is helpful. You'll get to know your own body better; what you like and what you need, without the pressure of achieving that goal with a partner. The following will also help:

  • Being relaxed
  • Feeling safe in your environment and with your partner
  • Not rushing or being worried about kids interrupting. The last thing you want to feel is pressure to get to the big moment, or being worried about children breaking your flow, or hearing you
  • Experimenting around the time of ovulation, or when you're feeling particularly horny. Ovulation is usually very obvious for most women, but if you aren't sure, then using a tracking app is a good idea
  • Knowing which types of orgasms you enjoy, or that are easy for you to achieve. As women we are incredibly lucky to experience many types of orgasm; such as, clitoral, G-Spot, cervix, nipple and anal
  • Focusing on blended orgasm, which means stimulating more than one pleasure area at once
  • Use sex toys and if you need some ideas, you're in the right place. Get clear on what does it for you, clitoral stimulation, clitoral sucking, G-Spot Dildo or maybe a dual function rabbit vibrator.

Best sex toys for multiple orgasm:

The best toy for you, might be very different to someone else, so you need to get clear on the type of stimulation that works for you. It's a great excuse to have a sex toy kit, instead of just one toy hidden away in your draw... or perhaps that's just my excuse!

Another thing to consider, is using more than one toy at a time, for example a dildo and a clitoral sucker, which allows you to experience more stimulation and potentially a blended orgasm.


Written by Awaken My Sexuality