Master Series | Fire Sticks Fetish Drip Candles Set of 3 - Red

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Key Features

  • Colour: Red
  • Material: Special paraffin wax formula


Experience the ultimate sensory adventure with our "Fire Sticks Fetish Drip Candles Set of 3".

Crafted with care, these exquisite drip candles will take your intimate moments to new heights. The alluring red hue sets the stage for passion, while their slender form adds a touch of elegance.

Made from a special paraffin wax formula, these candles are designed for sensational sensation play. With a low melting temperature, they gently drip and glide across your lover's skin, creating a captivating blend of heat and desire.

Let the warm wax cascade down their body, awakening every nerve ending and leaving them craving for more. Light the candle, hold it above their skin, and watch as anticipation builds with each drop that falls.

The fragrance-free composition ensures an undistracted experience as you explore the boundaries of pleasure.

Each set includes three candles, providing ample opportunities to ignite passion time and time again. With an estimated burn time of 30 minutes per candle, you can savour every moment, prolonging the ecstasy and creating unforgettable memories.

Unleash the power of our "Fire Sticks Fetish Drip Candles Set of 3" and let the flames of desire guide you on a journey of pleasure and connection like no other.

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Material: Special paraffin wax formula

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