GoodHead | Slick Head Glide - Cotton Candy / 4 oz.

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Key Features

  • PETA-Certified, Cruelty-Free
  • Size: 4oz
  • Wash: Wash Off With Water & Mild Soap


Make all your sexual activities smoother with our delicious Cotton Candy-flavoured glide.

This water-based lubricant is designed to enhance pleasure and reduce friction, ensuring a pleasurable experience every time.

Whether you're using it for intimate moments or during oral sex, our glide elevates the flavour, adding a delightful sweetness to the experience.

And don't worry, our product is vegan and PETA-certified cruelty-free. It's blended in the USA with both US and imported components, guaranteeing quality and satisfaction.

Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to enhanced pleasure with our Cotton Candy-flavoured glide.

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