Lux Fetish | 7 Piece Bed Spreader Playful Restraint System - Purple

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Key Features

  • Colour: Purple
  • Wash: Spot Clean
  • Material: Neoprene, O-Ring, Swivel Clip, Fabric


Experience a new level of excitement in the bedroom with our easy-to-use Bondage Restraint Set. This set includes four Velcro cuffs with removable clips, providing you with the safety and trust you desire.

No need for frames or hooks - simply attach the cuffs to restrain your partner's arms or legs from the sides or top and bottom. Our innovative design ensures absolute comfort throughout your play session.

Discover the pleasure of surrendering control and indulging in sensory exploration. Allow your lover to tickle and tease your erogenous zones, heightening pleasure and creating unforgettable experiences.

Ignite your desire and take your intimate moments to thrilling new heights with our Bondage Restraint Set. Embrace the excitement of giving up control and embark on a journey of pleasure with your partner. Get yours today and elevate your bedroom encounters.

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Material: Neoprene, O-Ring, Swivel Clip, Fabric

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