Mates SKYN | Non-Latex Condoms Large - 10 pack

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Key Features

  • Made with Skynfeel™
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Size: Pack Of 10
  • Material: Polyisoprene


Experience a revolution in your intimate moments with Mates Skyn Condoms Large 10 pack. These latex-free condoms are designed to provide a more natural feeling, almost as if you aren't wearing anything at all. Crafted from polyisoprene, a scientifically formulated non-latex material, these condoms offer a softer, more pleasurable experience while enhancing sensation.

Combining the strength of premium latex with the sensitivity of ultra-thin condoms, Mates Skyn condoms create a unique SKYN to SKYN sensation that will leave you wanting more. The long-lasting ultra-smooth lubricant elevates your pleasure to new heights.

With larger and longer dimensions compared to standard condoms, Mates Skyn ensures extra comfort without compromising safety. Each condom undergoes electronic testing to meet the highest standards of reliability, giving you peace of mind.

What sets Mates Skyn apart is its latex-free composition, making it an ideal choice for individuals with a known or suspected allergy to natural rubber latex.

Unleash an extraordinary level of pleasure with Mates Skyn Condoms Large 10 pack. Try them today and discover a whole new world of intimate satisfaction.

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Material: Polyisoprene

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