Mates SKYN | Original Non-Latex Condoms 10 pack

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Key Features

  • Made with Skynfeel™
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Size: Pack Of 10
  • Material: Polyisoprene
  • Condom Safe: Yes
  • Length: 7.87 inches


Introducing Mates Skyn Original Non-Latex Condoms, a revolutionary choice for a more natural and comfortable experience. Made from polyisoprene, a latex-free material, these condoms provide a softer and more natural feel.

Say goodbye to that "wearing something" sensation and embrace the heightened pleasure.

Designed with the perfect blend of strength and sensitivity, these ultra-thin condoms offer SKYN to SKYN sensation, combining the best of both worlds. The long-lasting, ultra-smooth lubricant further enhances your intimate moments, adding to the overall pleasure.

Rest assured, each condom undergoes rigorous electronic testing to meet the highest safety and reliability standards. Plus, Mates Skyn Original Non-Latex Condoms are a suitable choice for individuals with latex allergies, as they do not contain natural rubber latex.

Experience a new level of intimacy with Mates Skyn Original Non-Latex Condoms - the perfect balance of comfort, sensitivity, and peace of mind.

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