Prowler | RED 3 Reel Pinwheel - Silver

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Key Features

  • Colour: Silver
  • Wash: Soap & Water
  • Material: Hypoallergenic Zinc Alloy


Experience heightened sensory adventures with the Prowler RED 3-Reel Pinwheel.

This sleek, silver-finished pinwheel is made of hypo-allergenic zinc alloy, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience.

Designed for spine-tingling sensory play, its three rotating reels deliver tantalizing sensations as they glide along your body or your partner's.

With the ergonomic handle, you'll have precise control over every twist and turn.

Whether you're exploring BDSM or medical fetish scenes, this pinwheel is a must-have tool for extraordinary pleasure.

Indulge in the allure of sensation and let your desires run wild.

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Material: Hypoallergenic Zinc Alloy

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