Rawhide Toys Syron Black Medium

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Prepare to experience the ultimate pleasure with Syron, the one-of-a-kind toy molded from the legendary pornstar Sam Syron. This exceptional toy boasts a long, thick shaft adorned with lifelike veins, offering an exquisite sensation as it glides deeper into your most intimate places. Its perfectly tapered head ensures effortless insertion for maximum satisfaction.

Choose the size that suits your desires, with Small, Medium, Large, and the original XL option, allowing you to determine the perfect fit for your pleasure. The measurements range from 8.46 to 14.57 inches in total length, and 1.75 to 2.88 inches in diameter, providing a variety of options to fulfill your desires.

Crafted with quality in mind, Syron offers a diameter of up to 3.26 inches and a circumference of up to 10.24 inches at its widest point, providing a blissful stretch that will leave you craving more. And for added convenience, the Medium, Large, and XL sizes are equipped with a suction cup, allowing for hands-free pleasure on any smooth surface.

Unleash your desires and indulge in the pleasure that Syron has to offer. With its impressive design and lifelike features, this toy is sure to elevate your intimate moments to new heights. Get ready to experience mind-blowing sensations and fulfill your deepest fantasies with Syron.

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