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Key Features

  • Diameter: 1.75 inches, 2.01 inches, 2.44 inches, 2.88 inches
  • Length: 8.46 inches, 10.63 inches, 12.59 inches, 14.57 inches
  • Circumference: 5.51 inches, 6.30 inches, 7.67 inches, 9.06 inches
  • Insertable: Yes


Get ready for an unforgettable experience with Syron, the extraordinary toy designed from the mold of Porn Star Sam Syron's very own cock. With its long, thick shaft and intricate veins, Syron offers a sensation like no other as you explore the depths of pleasure. Its tapered head ensures easy insertion, making every moment effortless and enjoyable.

Choose the perfect size that suits your desires, ranging from Small to XL. The XL size is the original, while the others have been precisely scaled down for your pleasure.

Let's dive into the measurements:
- Total Length (Small: 8.46in, Medium: 10.63in, Large: 12.59in, XL: 14.57in): Find the perfect length to satisfy your desires.
- Insertable Length (Small: 7.68in, Medium: 9.06in, Large: 10.62in, XL: 12.20in): Experience deep pleasure with every thrust.
- Circumference of Head (Small: 5.51in, Medium: 6.30in, Large: 7.67in, XL: 9.06in): Enjoy a fulfilling feeling from the very start.
- Diameter of Head (Small: 1.75in, Medium: 2.01in, Large: 2.44in, XL: 2.88in): Experience a gentle entry that gradually intensifies.
- Circumference of Middle (Small: 6.69in, Medium: 7.48in, Large: 9.05in, XL: 10.24in): Discover satisfying girth along the way.
- Diameter of Middle (Small: 2.13in, Medium: 2.38in, Large: 2.88in, XL: 3.26in): Feel every inch of pleasure as you delve deeper.
- Circumference of Bottom (Small: 6.30in, Medium: 7.09in, Large: 8.66in, XL: 9.84in): Experience intense fullness towards the end.
- Diameter of Bottom (Small: 2.01in, Medium: 2.26in, Large: 2.76in, XL: 3.13in): Reach the ultimate climax with a satisfying width.

For added convenience, the Syron XL is also compatible with a suction cup, allowing you to explore hands-free pleasure. The smaller sizes do not include a suction cup.

Get ready to indulge in Sam Syron's ultimate pleasure masterpiece, designed to fulfill your deepest desires.

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1.75 inches, 2.01 inches, 2.44 inches, 2.88 inches
5.51 inches, 6.30 inches, 7.67 inches, 9.06 inches

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