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Key Features

  • Diameter: 4.46 cm, 5.09 cm, 6.21 cm, 7.32 cm
  • Length: 21.5 cm, 27 cm, 32 cm, 37 cm
  • Circumference: 14 cm, 16 cm, 19.5 cm, 23 cm


Syron is a unique toy that offers an unforgettable experience. Designed based on the anatomy of Porn Star Sam Syron, this toy has a long and thick shape, with realistic veins for added stimulation. The perfectly tapered head allows for easy insertion, making your pleasure effortless.

You have the option to choose from different sizes: Small, Medium, Large, and XL. Each size offers varying lengths and circumferences to suit your preferences. The XL size reflects the original proportions of Sam Syron himself, ensuring an intense experience.

Made for pleasure seekers, Syron is perfect for those who enjoy anal play. Its insertable length and various circumferences provide a range of sensations to explore. And for added convenience, the larger sizes are compatible with a suction cup, allowing for hands-free play.

Indulge in the realistic sensation and adventure that Syron offers. Whether you prefer a smaller or larger size, the choice is yours. Discover pure pleasure and let Syron bring your fantasies to life.

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4.46 cm, 5.09 cm, 6.21 cm, 7.32 cm
14 cm, 16 cm, 19.5 cm, 23 cm

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